The appreciation for our work is one of the levers that mostly lead to improve ourselves constantly and to be attentive to every detail. That is why it is a source of pride for us entering among our more satisfied customers the Editorial Staff of Sky TG24 newscast.
Besides being one of the most followed news channel in Italy, Sky TG24 has one of the most advanced television studios. In fact, in 2012, thanks to a complete redesign of the channel that first invests the newsroom, the study is equipped with 70 monitors, a 7 meters wide video wall and LED lighting, through which the studio colour environment can be changed, switching from soft colours in the morning to red of twilight and blue of the evening. This operation has led to an energy saving of 80%.

We have enriched this innovative environment with an ad hoc made product: Omnia Studio, a motorized TV totem able to rotate and fit to the needs of the Staff, including the bright decor that sets it apart. The Maior Omnia Studio, which supports a 70-inch LED TV touch, is used during the Press Reviews and other programs. Due to its elegance and its potential, it has become a valuable tool for journalists of the newsroom.

Among the available features, it can indeed boast:

– Screen horizontal orientation that allows customizable viewing angles. The movement is electric;

– Screen ascent and descent, motorized 1 meter stroke;

– Electric screen rotation on its central axis, which sets the screen orientation from landscape to portrait and vice versa;

– Lighting based on LED RGB gamma adjustment;

– Memory of positions and lights configurable at will. Reaching of the screen positions and the tone colour setting are automatic and autonomous;

– Remote operation and control;

– Manual control on board.

Another success for Maior, confirming an ever higher degree of satisfaction among its customers and is establishing itself in the market as the most appreciated motorized TV bracket.