Becoming a Maior dealer will offer you many advantages.

Maior is an innovative way of perceiving the entertainment. Maior is a new business model, focused on functionality, elegance and readiness to be present just when you need it.

Maior is a new business that generates further businesses. The installation, the tv, the cables’ disposition and any other good/service that the dealer will be able to provide.

Maior is, first and foremost, a modern kind of business that targets open-minded and wealthy people. Maior is an engineering and aesthetic success. And soon, it will be your own commercial success.

As a matter of fact, Maior has planned an important investment plan based on communication, which will stimulate and raise the interest of the public to include this product in its own houses or public places.

Maior will never leave its dealers alone. On the contrary, we strongly believe in the value of teamwork, inviting all the potential dealers to join this winning team.

Innovative technologies, aesthetic elegance, business strategy. Nothing is missing in Maior. Don’t be the only missing piece. Join Maior team. Become a dealer and you’ll have a new business to build up. A new success to achieve. You and Maior. Together. A winning team.