More space for the emotions, less for the TV.

With Maior the TV doesn’t need any specific cabinet.
So there is more space available. Whether you install it at home or in a public place.

The tv disappears when it is not needed and thrills you just when you want it. Just pushing a button, the tv appears from the ceiling, flips down and descends positioning itself at the right height for the best viewing result. And, if you need it, it can rotate around itself as well. To catch any eye, at 360°. With an astonishing scenic effect.

Maior, the ceiling TV lift, delivers the perfect solution for your TV and your rooms. Plus, it is intelligent.

Tv intelligente


With electronic Soft Start and Soft Stop control unit to ensure a smooth process

Tv intelligente


With high quality parts to prevent squeaky or disturbing noises

Tv intelligente


With remote control or wall-mounted buttons

Tv intelligente


Able to interact with home automation systems