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In what way are maior motor-driven tv brackets the best solution for solving complex design situations?

Maior Motor-Driven TV Systems and Brackets use technology to improve the design of any residential and commercial environment.

Oftentimes, architects and designers must make the best out of limited spaces or glass walls that are not compatible with large TV screens.

With hidden in-sight ceiling- or floor motor-driven TV systems, you can create designer projects combining aesthetics and function, by overcoming the structural limits, freeing up the space and the view from unsightly clutter and making every space harmonious and multifunctional.

Thanks to the motor-driven supports, you can install screens of any size in a discreet and elegant way, and in any kind of environment, including living rooms, bedrooms, exhibition spaces or meeting rooms. Thanks to the motor-driven arm, you can place the screen in the desired position, without affecting the room’s aesthetics, and ensuring the best view from any perspective.

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