Enhancing interiors with a motorized TV mount

A motorized TV lift can give a touch of elegance and modernity to a private or public place.

The television is one of the most used devices in private locations and, even during public meetings, it has the power to focus the attention of the entire audience. It is too important to be overlooked during the design of spaces.

From now onwards, architects and interior designers will have the opportunity to enhance their work with an object of great visual impact, a hideaway bracket capable of being in the spotlight. Transforming the TV from cumbersome appliance to sophisticated design object is now possible, thanks to Maior®’s made in Italy technology and design.
Motorized TV brackets that hide the monitor when it’s not in use and make it reappear from the ceiling when needed. With a simple command they can tilt, descend and swivel at will.

In the room design, the Maior® TV bracket can solve several problems of screen use and, at the same time, enhance the available space, leveraging on 7 strong points:

1) Elegance
Unlike many other TV supports, Maior® brackets have a refined design, result of the technical department’s work in collaboration with the designer Giorgio Gurioli. The refined appearance makes it a discrete object that grants practicality and dynamism, the fluid movement of the mechanical arm ensures solidity and efficiency.

2) Security
Designed to be safe and functional, it allows a considerable saving of space and risks. Guests, children and pets can move freely around the room without danger of colliding with the TV.

3) Practicality
Its ability to adjust the position allows great versatility: the rooms with a TV can be configured to look towards to the screen. Consider, for example, the standard positioning of the couch: the room will no longer adapt itself to the TV, as the screen will be oriented as needed.

4) Intelligence
With an electronic control unit that involves specific movements and stores the user’s preferred settings. Operate the bracket and impress guests will be a breeze.

5) Noise
With silent and fluid movements, standing out its elegant line.

6) Versatility
Operated by wall switches, remote control or smartphone apps, in order always to have the control at your fingertips

7) Integration
Connectable with home automation systems, for maximum usability and comfort.

With Maior®, your spaces will never be the same.