Home spaces gain value thanks to the ceiling motorized tv lifts Maior

Here is how Maior® transformed some of our customers’ rooms.

When we project our devices, it is important to imagine the different kinds of ambient and the locations where they will be installed. This is our precise style choice, in order to obtain an unmatchable product, with elegant lines, moderate but at the same time able to enhance the surrounding space.

We have realized an entire line of motorized tv lifts with such features and peculiarities able to satisfy many different needs.
As soon as the screen is no more a simple appliance, but it turns into a piece of furniture perfectly integrated with the space, we realize that we have reached our goal.
We are very pleased to show you some representative image of the way Maior® has given an unparalleled touch of design and functionality to our customers’ installations.

Maior Flip® 900R, France.

Two elements perfectly integrated that characterize the ambient: the fireplace and the television. Simple and clean lines that distinguish this essential location.

We like it because: it gives the possibility to enjoy the fireplace’s warmth making disappear completely the television.

Maior Flip® 900R, Italy.

In this chic ambient, mainly characterized by white and black colors, another Maior Flip® 900R has been placed, fully exploiting its skills such as the 360° rotation.
The Maior Flip® 900R is at the living room’s centre, set in the plasterboard half-moon. The TV doesn’t encumber as, when it’s not necessary, it simply disappear.

We like it because: just with one television, it is possible to watch a movie staying relaxed on the couch or comfortably sitting at the table, on the opposite side of the room.

Maior Flip® 900R, Italy.

A Maior 900R installed in a porch. Thanks to the rotatory movement you could follow your favourite program out of the house! Just figure your guests’ surprise in the warm summer nights, when you really crave to watch your favourite team’s game while having dinner in the porch, or you prefer to follow your favourite show poolside.

We like it because: it is no more necessary to buy an expensive television suitable for the external environment.

How to solve the space problems? In this little but well organized location, a Maior Flip® 100 integrates itself perfectly, in order to make the TV appear when necessary.

We like it because: it gives a touch of elegance and practicality.

Thanks to those who have shared the images and the experience to own a Maior® in their house.