Questions and Answers

What kind of television can I install on Maior TV lifts?

Ideally, televisions larger than 50″ to ensure a better visual impact. Small televisions (less than 42″), may require further adaptations during the order’s preparation. Maior Flip 900-900R and Maior Lift models can hold up until 28 kg, while Maior Flip 85, 90 and 100 until 70 kg.

How can I correctly install the device in the ceiling? Who deals with the installation?

In the order, besides the instructions, we include the installation drawings and layouts, adapted to the tv and to the actual machine, in order to ensure the best aesthetic and functional results. These drawings are addressed to the installer or, in general, to the qualified personnel.

Which models require a false ceiling?

All the Maior Flip models: they need between 25 cm and 28 cm high.

I already have a false ceiling, but it is higher than the size that you indicate. How can I install the Maior Flip, integrating it properly?

In this case, you have to compensate for the extra space by inserting a spacer in rigid material (e.g. MDF) between the device and the ceiling. In this way, the tv will stay at the same level of the false ceiling. The size of the spacer is established during the layout preparation and is provided with it. Upon request we can include the spacer in the order, at an extra charge.

Is it strictly required to have a false ceiling for the Maior Flip models?

No, not necessarily. We recommend to “cover” the Maior Flip purely for aesthetic reasons, but its functioning can’t be compromised by the presence of the false ceiling.

On your website I’ve seen that, instead of a false ceiling, have been mounted ceiling islands...

Specific solutions, such as “shapes” fastened to the ceiling, can be used to install Maior tv lifts as well. This would add aesthetic value to the unit, without you having to install a false ceiling in the room.

Can I create a false ceiling structure that covers the area taken up by television and machine?

Yes, if you consider it appropiate, you can restrict the false ceiling to the area in question.

Does the Maior Lift require a false ceiling as well?

No, the false ceiling is not necessary for Maior Lift.

I have seen a kind of ceiling “island” also for the Maior Lift, in the photo gallery…

They are customised solutions created by our clients and we just show them for demonstrative purposes. In some cases the ceiling was so high that the Maior Lift couldn’t give a good visual result. Ceiling islands allow you to lower the anchor point of the device, making the tv easier to be watched.

What are the standard colors of the devices? Is it possible to order a device of a different color?

The standard colors that can be ordered are “White” (RAL 9003) or “Black” (RAL 9005). Yes, it is possible to order another color included in the RAL range (standard Italy) as an extra, after feasibility verification.

What standards do your TV lifts comply with, for the screen fastening?

Maior TV lifts comply with the international VESA FDMI standard, for the TV fastening interface. In the following file you can find the guidelines for the Maior VESA mount.