Motorized Adjustables Motorized TV Bracket

Motorized TV Bracket

Our motorized TV bracket range is wide and versatile. We conceived it to satisfy every design and installation need for houses, offices, hotels and exhibition spaces. Our motorized TV brackets are the perfect solution to combine functionality and design.

Design Motorized TV Bracket

Our Design TV Brackets allow to position and adjust the TV at the desired eight. That allows the screen to be viewed with the best angle from every position.

Concealed Motorized TV Bracket

A motorized bracket to conceal the TV allows you to move and place the TV as you want. In addition, it completely hides the screen inside the false ceiling or make it flush with the ceiling, freeing up spaces.
TV brackets can also be concealed in a cabinet, which allows to have the TV at your disposal only when necessary, to combine furniture, comfort and design. Each Maior motorized TV bracket moves in an elegant and silent way, integrating perfectly to any space.

Extra silent

High quality components for the maximum level of performance and a quiet TV motorized movement.

Total compatibility

Every TV bracket is compatible with TV sets of different sizes and brands.

Clean profiles

Fully-concealed electrical wires and TV bracket mechanisms.

Easily integrated

Motorized TV system to be easily integrated into a home automation system through dry contacts.